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巴基斯坦新闻报(THE NEWS)今天发布了亚洲城控股集团有限公司董事长白顺先生拜会巴基斯坦总领事穆罕默德·穆达西尔·蒂普的新闻。新闻来源:https://www.thenews.com.pk/latest/288751-chinese-company-plans-cheese-processing-factory-in-Pakistan。以下为该报道的译文。

China's Jointt Holdings Group plans cheese processing factory in Pakistan

Bai Shun, chairman of the Jointt Holdings Group, called on the Consul- General, Muhammad Mudassir Tipu today at Pakistan’s Consulate General in Chengdu.

亚洲城控股集团有限公司董事长白顺先生今天拜访了巴基斯坦驻成都总领事馆总领事穆罕默德·穆达西尔·蒂普先生(Muhammad Mudassir Tipu)。

The chairman briefed the Consul-General about expanding activities of his Group in Pakistan and underscored that the Group is planning to establish a cheese processing factory in Pakistan.


The Consul-General assured full support of the Pakistan government in setting-up of the factory.


He maintained that Group’s current subsidiary Company, ANTHELA, refining Himalaya Rock Salt in Pakistan was a very profitable venture and the salt extricated and refined from Pakistan was being exported to Japan, the US, and Hong Kong.


It may be recalled that ANTHELA signed an agreement with Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC), according to which ANTHELA has the exclusive priority to select 60,000 tonnes of premium rock salt out of PMDC’s annual production in total of 1.6 million tonnes of rock salt.

Anthela公司和巴基斯坦矿业公司(Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation, 以下简称PMDC)签订了协议,根据协议,Anthela公司可从PMDC年产量160万吨的岩盐中优先挑选6万吨优质岩盐。

Jointt Holdings Group Co., Ltd, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a multinational corporation with main business areas covering organic agriculture, premium food, investment, clean energy, mining, international engineering contracting and service, and international trade.


Bai maintained that Pakistan had very good infrastructure and presented enormous opportunities to the Chinese entrepreneurs.


He strongly supported start of direct flights between Lahore and Chengdu so that the Chinese businessmen could easily and timely travel to Pakistan and set-up their businesses.


In the absence of direct flights or land routes, a lot of business opportunities were being lost out, he emphasized.


He also stressed that Pakistan government must devise a clear plan to incentivize Chinese industry to relocate its industrial operations in Pakistan, who presented a lot of opportunities for such projects. The CG maintained that it was already a key priority area for the government.


The Consul- General briefed Bai on the changing economic landscape of Pakistan and stated that Pakistan was on the cusp of a new growth trajectory with all the right ingredients set to take Pakistan off economically.


He underlined that CPEC, Gawdar port, greatly improved security environment, as well as Pakistan’s investment into its energy sector with power shortages virtually having come to an end had set conditions for Pakistan to achieve its real economic potential.


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